After Oz

Published March 1, 2024 tag category
After Oz

Dorothy sat on her bed and let the tornado drift her house to another place. She heard a knock on the door. Two black guys wearing masks and suits walked in.

”Wow! I'm definitely not in .Kansas anymore!” thought Dorothy.
The two black guys grabbed her and pulled off her panties. She put up no resistance. Dorothy was curious and excited to where this was going. The full hd xvideo download two black guys then ripped off her ruby red slippers that she'd gotten when was younger, from Oz.

”If you're gonna be fucking us,” they said ”you've gotta be barefoot.”
Both the black guys then stripped off all their clothes, but kept their masks on.
Dorothy noticed that they had giant dicks. She felt excited and /scared/">scared about them being inside her.

They began jerking off into her milky white soles, rubbing the heads of their black cocks against the soles of her white /feet/">feet.
”Oooooh!” thought Dorothy ”What a sexy foot massage.”
She crinkled up her soles so it felt even better for their dicks.

Soon the lust got too much for her free porn movies download and Dorothy grabbed both their giant dicks and started pulling them up and down, fast and hard. She started licking one, while jerking the other. Then she started pulling it up and down with her mouth. She opened her mouth wide and got them to shove their cocks in her mouth.

She rubbed them together as she sucked and licked. They started to fuck her mouth a bit as well as fucking each other via rubbing their heads of their penises together.
Dorothy's pussy was dripping so much. She desperately needed one of their cocks inside her.

One of the black guys sensed this and pulled his dick out of her mouth, making a popping noise. Dorothy already had her legs spread wide as she was sooooooo horny.
The black guy held her feet and shoved his /cock/huge-cock/">huge cock inside her hungry pussy. She screamed in pain and pleasure. As he fucked her, she could feel him fucking her intestines. He was soooooo big, and yes it hurt her, but there was no way in hell she was going to ask him to stop. He had her on the verge of an orgasm with every thrust.

One cock /mouth/mouth-fuck/fucking-her-mouth/">fucking her mouth and one /pussy/pussy-fuck/fucking-her-pussy/">fucking her pussy, she was in heaven and hell and loving every minute of it. She had so many orgasms that she lost count.
Both black guys had been holding on so long to make sure Dorothy came before them, but now they couldn't hold it in any longer. Both guys exploded cum in her mouth and pussy. Dorothy gagged a bit with how thick the cum was in her mouth. But soon she was able to swallow it all. She loved having her pussy so full of the black guy's cum. She had never felt this satisfied in her whole life.

They all had a shower to clean off all the cum and everything and then dried each other off and lay naked on the bed. They spooned with Dorothy in the middle. She made sure that one of the black guys had his dick poking her butt and the other black guy had her hand holding his dick all night. She also made sure her feet rubbed against their feet all night and that they both held one of her boobs each.

Dorothy didn't want to go back to Kansas. She could never be sexually satisfied by anyone else. So she'd decided to be their /slave/sex-slave/">sex slave for the rest of her life.