The Business Trip

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The Business Trip

Ann heard the knock on the door as she stepped from the shower. Ann thought it might be Marci, her new assistant, with the presentation she was going to give in the morning. Ann wrapped her naked body in a hotel towel, covering as much of herself as she could and went to look out the peephole. Ann saw it was definitely her new assistant and opened the door carefully,

"Hi Marci, I just got out of the shower I wont be a minute."

"Thats OK Mrs. Rice, I just brought the overheads so we could coordinate your presentation to them."

"Good idea." "You might as well come in while just finish up...Ill be right with you."

Ann went back to the bathroom and let her towel drop to the floor. Ann was 42, and had a fairly attractive body, not as young and supple as Marcis, but she didnt feel to intimidated by the younger woman. Marci called to Ann,

"If youre not too shy we can go over them as you finish dressing."

"Ah well, I guess it would be all right."

Ann looked up and saw Marci watching her in the mirror,

"Please dont stare Marci, I know Im being silly, I didnt think your seeing me naked would bother me, but I feel kind of intimidated."

"Why, I think you look /gorgeous/">gorgeous, I think you have a beautiful figure."

"You have such large firm breasts, and an incredible have nothing to be intimidated about."

Ann smiled thanking Marci as the young woman moved closer, standing behind Ann. Marci took the brush from her hand and started brushing Anns hair. As she watched Marci in the mirror, it all seemed so strange. Here Ann was, standing stark naked next to her aide who shed only been working with for a couple of months. Marci was so close Ann could feel her warm breath on her neck. Ann didnt know what it was, but she was getting erotic feelings all up and down her spine. Ann had tried to get her mind off the erotic sensations flowing through her body, and back to business.

"So did all the overheads come out all right, if they didnt I can get some equipment from the lobby and we can fix them."

"Marci...Marci, are you listening to me?"

"What, oh sorry Mrs. Rice, I guess I too busy was staring at your breasts."

"You have lovely breasts, I mean theyre so large and beautiful."

Ann blushed, but hearing Marci say those words...well it really made her all the more aroused. They were words her husband used to say, once up on a time ago. Then she couldnt believe her ears when Marci asked,

"Would you mind if I touched them?"

Ann was dumbstruck as she watched in the mirror as Marci wrapped her arms Ann, cupping Anns breasts in her delicate hands. Ann knew she had to say something but nothing would come out of her mouth except a soft moan. With one last ounce of resistance, Ann turned around saying,

"Marci, what are you..."

Before Ann could finish, Marci leaned in and kissed her, not a peck on the lips but a full kiss long and deep. Ann leaned back as Marci held her shoulders, staring into her eyes. Ann was so confused, her mouth was dry, but she could feel the dampness between her legs. Ann tried to say something, but she didnt have the words. Marci put a finger to Anns lips,

"Im sorry Mrs. Rice, Ive wanted to kiss you since the day I started."

"Youre are such a sexy woman, I cant seem to get my mind off of you."

"Marci Im married, I have grown children, and Ive never done anything like this before....I dont know what to say."

Then Ann paused thinking...did she just call me sexy, I havent been called sexy since I first got married. She heard Marcis voice again saying,

"Damn I wish I had breasts like yours, Im so tiny, I feel like a little girl."

"No theyre perfect, why would you want something as large as these?"

Ann held her breasts up to show Marci just as Marci pulled her top over her head to expose her breasts to Ann. Marcis breasts were standing proud, unencumbered by a bra. Then Marci walked over and mashed her breasts against Anns, slowly grind her breasts against Anns. The feeling of Marcis nipples hard and erect against Anns almost took her breath away. Anns resistance had waned even more as she melted into Marcis arms as Marci kissed her again. After a long sultry kiss, Marci took Anns hand and led her to the bed. Ann followed, unsure of what was going to happen, but it didnt matter...not now. The two /women/">women lay down together, with Marci kissing Ann from her lips to her throat.

Ann was so aroused, she could feel herself panting. When Marci placed her lips on Anns nipple she started cumming. Ann wanted to do the same to Marci, but Marci was taking her time, kissing and sucking Anns nipples as Ann moaned, gathering the sheets in her fists, as Marci kissed her way down Anns stomach, taking her time as she teased Ann. Ann was now beside herself with lust, pushing Marci down toward her pussy, wanting to feel her tongue on her pussy. Ann had never liked /oral/oral-sex/">oral sex much in the past, but that was because her husband didnt care for it, and did a half ass job. Ann wanted to see if it was different when a woman did it to another woman. Ann watched as Marci crawled between Anns legs, as Ann spread her leg for her. Marci looked up at Ann, smiling and saying,

"Im going to make you cum, like youve never cum before."

Marci began running her tongue lightly over Anns wet lips....oh it felt so good. Marci was teasing Ann, just toying with her, but Ann didnt all felt so damn good. The more Marci teased her, the more Ann squirmed, thrusting her hips upward in an effort to shove her pussy against Marcis tongue. Marci was an expert, applying a little more pressure, covering more of Anns pussy, just enough to make her want more, but not enough to allow Ann to cum. Ann was squeezing her breasts, tugging at her nipples and begging Marci to make her cum.

Finally Ann grabbed Marcis head, holding it in place as she thrust her pussy into Marcis face. She felt Marcis tongue slid deep into her pussy, tongue fucking her as Ann screamed out in pleasure. Ann felt Marcis mouth engulf her clit, as two fingers slid deep into her pussy and another into her ass. It was better than she could have ever imagined as Ann began babbling, her orgasms cascading through her body. Again and again Ann kept cumming, finally having to push Marci away to kept from passing out. With one more lap of her tongue, Marci licked the juices that flowed from Anns pussy. Marci crawled up next to Ann where they began kissing, Ann tasting her own juices on Marcis tongue.

"I can taste myself on your lips,"

Ann told her, as she held Marci in her arms, Marcis head resting on her shoulder. As she caressed Anns breasts, she turned her head, kissing Marcis forehead saying,

"I want to taste you now."

Ann sat up to unfasten Marcis tiny little skirt and she raised her bottom to help me slide it down and off her legs.

"Wow a /thong/">thong, how do you like wearing a thong, doesnt it ride up?"

"I always wanted to try one but was afraid it would bother me."

"I love them, look I dont even have to take them off."

Marci just pulled the tiny slip of material to the side exposing her bare pussy to Ann. Marcis pussy looked so beautiful, her lips damn with arousal. Ann had never had a woman bare her sex to her like was so fucking erotic.

"Mmmm, your pussy is bare....thats another thing Ive always wanted to try but just never had the nerve."

Marci placed her fingers on either side of her labia, then spread her lips apart exposing even more of her sex to Ann."

"Would you like to lick my pussy Mrs. Rice....I know Id love to feel your alain lyle porn lips on my pussy."

"Oh yes Marci...Ive never done anything like that, I hope I dont disappoint you."

"Its easy, I know you can do it...dont worry about anything...just enjoy."

Marci was right...Anns heart was pounding in her chest, she couldnt wait to taste Marci. Ann took a deep breath, leaning over and placing her face between Marcis legs. She noticed right away how intoxicating the aroma of another womans sex was. She loved the heady aroma, it made her head swim with desire. Just as Ann was about to start she heard Marci, nearly in a whisper ask,

"Do you have any idea how many nights I lay in my bed playing with myself, and fantasizing about your lips and tongue on my pussy?"

"I had no idea Marci, but Im glad it was me you were fantasizing about, and not someone else."

Then Ann lowered her head, her tongue darting around Marcis labia, not quit touching it.

"Oh yes!"Marci gasped,

"Right there, I just knew you would be a natural at pleasing another woman, I just knew it."

Ann smiled, knowing Marci was enjoying what she was doing to her, gave her all the more confidence. Marci began moaning, running her fingers through Anns hair as Ann pleasured Marci. The more Marci moaned, the more Ann found herself being aroused as well. Ann continued licking and running her tongue all around Marcis pussy, with Marci becoming more and more aroused with each passing moment. Marci was started to undulate her hips as Ann had, trying to push her pussy against Anns tongue. Ann loved taking her to the edge, and then back again.

Finally Marci reached down, grabbing Anns head and holding it still, as Marci ground her dripping pussy into Anns face. Ann eased her tongue deep into Marcis pussy, her juices flowing down Ann tongue, and down her chin as brought Marci to her first orgasm. Next Ann sucked Marcis clit between her lips while sliding her fingers into Marcis pussy, and another into her tight little ass. Marci was now beside herself with lust, bucking and thrusting her hips up, begging Ann to make her cum again.

"OH fuck yes Ann...suck my fucking pussy....Oh shit youre gonna make me cum again...OH FUCK YES!"

Marcis entire body suddenly stiffened, and began to shudder and she was rocked by one powerful orgasm after another. Ann reached down between her own legs, and eased her fingers into her pussy, humping herself as Marci came over and over.Finally Marci stopped cumming, pulling Ann up, and kissing her cum covered face. The two women rested for a moment, kissing and caressing when Marci got a glint in her eye. Things got even got better when Marci had Ann turn around as the two of them got into a classic sixty-nine position. This way Ann not only was able to receive but to give at the same time, with both of the women cumming several more times.

Ann wasnt sure when they fell asleep, but when they woke in each others arms, it was dark. They took a shower together, and Marci shaved indian santali xvideo Anns pussy, leaving Anns pussy bare. After shaving Ann, Marci got her off yet again. What a wild ride that was, having someone lick and suck your bare pussy. Ann had no idea it would feel so good or she would have done it long ago. Ann and Marci got dressed and went to eat, but first they stopped at the mall where Marci insisted on buying Ann a thong. They rushed through dinner, and went back for another evening of /hot/hot-sex/">hot sex before their presentation in the morning.

Somehow, they made it through the presentation the next day, hurrying back to Anns room where they made love again. Ann just didnt want it to end, asking Marci if she could stay with her for a couple more days. Marci didnt have to be asked twice as they two worked on the following days presentation, but not before a little sexy play. Ann doesnt know where her new found passion for pussy is going to take her, but for now...all she care about is getting her face back between Marcis legs, and Marcis between hers. Everything else can least for now.