Not an Innocent Ride Home

Published February 23, 2024 tag category
Not an Innocent Ride Home

"Im tired. I wanna go home stuff." Laura grinned, her boyfriend Jace obviously drunk did nothing but slump to the ground looking in confusion.
"Okay...Ill drive." Jace slurred, Laura shook her head. Jace was 16 and able to drive but he was drunk, Laura was barely even 15 which cuts her chances down even more.

"What am I gonna do?" Laura murmured to herself, surprisingly, someone replied.
"Catch a ride with me." Robin said, flicking at Laura straight brown hair, she glared into Lauras beautiful brown eyes and smiled as she scanned Lauras fit body. Lauras eyes were entranced at Robin, the tall dark haired, green eyed Senior. Laura quickly snapped out of her trance and nodded, Robin smiled and took ahold of Lauras hand. Laura grabbed Jaces before she was dragged out the door. Jace had held his /party/">party in an abandoned warehouse but the host was now leaving, someone new took over right away. Jace shrugged and stumbled alongside of Laura. By the time Laura and Jace reached Robins car, Jace was unconcious. Robin giggled and lugged him into the back seat. She unlocked the passenger side and let Laura in. Laura turned to her once Robin started the engine.

"Thanks for your help."
"No problem."
"What can I do for you?" Laura always felt guilty after someone does something for her, she always needed to return the favor.
"Im sure youll repay soon."
Robin smiled and turned right. Robin was very popular and attended many partied, Robin happened to be at Lauras /party/birthday-party/">birthday party and knew where she was going.

"Do you know where youre going?" Laura asked,
"Yeah, I went to your birthday party."
"Oh yeah...I remember."

Robin smiled and set a hand on Lauras thigh, Laura did nothing, not knowing how to react. A loud abrubt snore escaped Jaces throat, Robin giggled.
"Your boyfriend?"
"Yeah..." Lauras voice trailed off as Robin moved her hand up Lauras thigh. Laura remained still and acted as if nothing is happening, then Robin made and unexpected turn to the left instead of the right. Laura looked in confusion. Robin turned into Jaces driveway a moment later and dragged him to the front door. Laura sat doing nothing. Jaces father answered,

"Your /son/">son is drunk and he is unconcious." Robin stated, Jaces father nodded and said a brief thanks as he dragged Jace in. Robin heard Jaces father say,
"Wait till he wakes up, hes really gonna get it."
Robin smiled and hopped into the car and backed out. Laura looked in confusion as Robin drove into an unfamiliar neighborhood. Robin parked into the driveway and turned off the engine, the house was empty and dark.

"Um..." Laura began to say, Robin put a finger on Lauras lips and whispered close into her ear,
"Are you a virgin?"
"Y-yes..." Laura said, a bit /scared/">scared.
"Straight?" Laura nodded, biting her bottom lip.
"Ill change that." Laura looked at Robin in confusion and during that moment Robin pressed her soft lips onto Lauras. Laura faught at first but relaxed as the kiss became nice. It was nicer than Jaces, but Laura refused to give in. Laura pushed Robin back,
"Wait...but im not like that." Robin shook her head and took Laura by the hands and pulled her out of the car. She unlocked the front door and pulled Laura in. Laura gave little resistance, reluctant yet curious. Laura ended up in Robins bedroom shut and locked.

"Noones gonna be home for the whole weekend." Robin said grinning, Laura backed towards the door. Robin set her hands on Lauras waist and pulled Laura towards herself. Laura was fit but she was weak, Robin was in better shape, stronger than Laura. Yet Laura was so curious, she thought it over. Her first time should not be with another female. She started to struggle.

"I thought youd go along but I guess Ill have to go with more drastic actions." Laura looked up in shock, she had no idea what Robin would do. Robin had a very long cord in her hands now, Laura backed away towards the door once again. But Robin was quicker, she pushed Laura slowly back to the bed and sat Laura down, Laura again was not very resistant. She didnt want to get hurt at all, she was sure Robin wouldnt hesitate to and she wouldnt actually be losing her virginity would she? She pondered, at white attractive slutty whore xxxxvie least she wouldnt be in pain because a /cock/big-cock/">big cock wouldnt be penetrating her. How wrong she was. Robin stripped down to nothing, noticing less resistance, she threw the cord onto the bed, she sat in Lauras lap and let her shaved stunning brunette hussy diana xxxxpv smooth cunt rest on Lauras. Laura could feel it from under her silk skirt. Laura began to get arroused, Robin could sense it too. She smiled and started taking off Lauras spaghetti strap, then she kissed Laura, pushing her tongue into Lauras mouth. Laura started to push away but Robin distracted her, unclipping Lauras bra and pushing her cunt a little more into Lauras. Robin pushed Laura down into a lying position and kissed down Lauras neck.

Laura whimpered, trying to resist but found herself enjoying the sensation. Robin moved past Lauras C cupped tits, resisting the urge at the moment. She slid the skirt down Lauras long tanned legs and threw it on the floor. She kissed Lauras cunt, Lauras panties were soaking wet now. Laura decided to go along, thinkin that she wasnt going to be penetrated. Robin pulled the panties off and let them fall to the ground, she kissed Lauras cunt again, feeling the smoothness on her lips, then she slid her tongue in and out then licked Lauras clit. Lauras head pushed back into the pillow with pleasure, she moaned and felt her nipples getting hard. Robin moved up to Lauras tits, letting one of her own D cupped tit brush by Lauras clit. Laura let a gasp escape her lips when Robin took in her left nipple and gently nipped. Then the nipping became sucking and licking, Robins tongue swirled around Lauras nipple. Laura felt her orgasm approaching quickly, she was so close until Robin stopped. Lauras eyes begged for Robin to finish and Robin could see that. Robin smiled and moved back down to Lauras clit.

"Close your eyes." Robin demanded then inserted a finger in, Laura moaned gently, then the second and third finger entered. Laura winced, the most she ever did was two. She relaxed as it felt better, Robin moved her fingers gently in and out, sliding easily from her hole. Laura was going to cum any moment when a sudden halt came. Laura began to open her eyes when all of a sudden, Robin rammed her fist into Laura. Laura screamed in pain, her vagina walls were tightening around Robins fist, Robin smiled, loving Lauras suffering. Laura then felt pleasure and relaxed but then her screaming came once again as a hard orgasm came. Laura shot a load of cum onto Robins hand as Robin pulled out. Laura panting and sweating flipped onto her side. Thinking about what had just happened, her /first-time/">first time was the /orgasm/best-orgasm/">best orgasm she had ever had. Before she could get back up, Robin was on her again,

"Your turn." Robin said. Laura panted shook her head...
"It hurts so much." Laura said, Robin looked down and giggled,
"Im sorry." And she gave Laura a kiss, trying to comfort her. Laura returned the favor doing what Robin had been doing, Robin could handle the fist obviously.

 When they were done and dressed, Robin put an arm around Lauras waist.

"You like?" Laura thought it through,
"I think Im bisexual." that was all Laura could say through the rest of the night.