The Surprise Of A Lifetime

Published February 28, 2024 tag category
The Surprise Of A Lifetime

My name is Dante Blu. I am 19 years old, living with my /friend/best-friend/">best friend Connor until I can find a place to, ya know, crash. He's been helping me out since I dropped out of 10th grade a few years back. But, there's one thing I really dislike: the fact that I'm gay and he's straight. I mean, here I am, blue eyes /blonde/">blonde hair built body 5'9", and he's got brown eyes and hair, built as fuck, and 6'4". He's pretty damn hot, trust me.

One day Connor and I were chilling on the couch, talking, when he suddenly placed his hand on my thigh. I looked at him and he looked back with a sexy lip bite. He crawled his fingers up to the middle of my legs and stroked it. I moaned softly and closed my eyes. Then, he kissed me. bokep sma pecah perawan My heart began racing as I kissed him. He slowly straddled me on the couch and he examined me. Slowly, he took off our shirts and pants. He crawled down to my inner thighs and slowly took my cock into his mouth.

I swear to fucking god, it felt amazing as hell. He sucked hard and began bobbing his head up and down. My moans filled the living room and I arched my back. Then, I felt myself cum and he literally swallowed the entire load.

I bent him over in front of me and rubbed his ass, then smacked it. He groaned in pain and pleasure and I deviously smirked as I spanked him more. Then, I rolled on the condom and lubed up. I slowly pressed the head of my cock inside him and he groaned. I moaned a little as I pressed myself deeper into him. Slowly, I thrusted.

His ass was so tight, and I was moaning like /crazy/">crazy, as well as Connor. I started to thrust a little faster, which caused him to scream and grab the arm of the couch. I enjoyed his ass so much. His moans were so loud and seductive. I started thrusting so hard and fast that the couch moved 2 /feet/">feet across the floor. I felt something sticky on my legs and realized that he had cummed. I thrusted faster until I old waman xxxgx cummed into his ass.

Connor's ass was filled like a cream pie. Exhausted, I collapsed on top of him and we kissed lazily until we fell asleep.