Getting It Double Time

Published February 28, 2024 tag category
Getting It Double Time

It all started when Cyndi confided in Louis. She told him her ultimate /fantasy/">fantasy, getting it doubletime. As soon as those words had come out of her mouth, her boyfriend took advantage of it. 

Cyndi got a phonecall from Louis inviting her to his apartment for the evening. She gladly accepted, knowing that the night promised some great sex, as always. She was a real cockhound and was always looking for a slamming time. 

Let me describe her for you; shes about 54", dark brown wavy hair that extended about half way down her back, dark piercing eyes that would penetrate your soul in a glance, 38C breasts, and a soft, innocent look to her that made everyone want a piece of her. She had a problem though, she was always horny and always looking for some cock to play around with.

Louis found her from their college classes together. She had approached him about studying some time and that small, study session turned out to be a full blown sex excursion.

They were a perfect pair, always horny for each other but not so committed that going outside of the relationship for some extra sex was accepted. That happened rarely for Louis, as Cyndi would drain him xxx dry every evening. Cyndi often had to go off in search of some lusting /college/college-boy/">college boy who just craved having a piece of her pussy.

So she dressed for the evening appropriately, with a pair of pajama pants and a quite revealing shirt. She drove over to his apartment in such an aroused condition, that she gently played with herself under her pants in the car. She found her clit and rubbed it vigorously, making sure to get her excited, but also not allowing herself to cum-- that was saved for later.

Cyndi arrived at Louiss place on time, walking up the flight of stairs in eager anticipation. The door was opened and she was greeted by the handsome man that she had been lusting for since last they met. Immediately, they embraced in a very /sensual/">sensual kiss, their tongues intertwining in a mad tango of love. Their hands groped and grasped every part of each others body they could manage to get hold of. 

Just then a small noise was heard from across the room. Louiss friend, Beau was there. Louis just smiled and Cyndi gave him this evil grin. Whats going on baby? her sexy voice whispered into his ear

I have a /surprise/">surprise for you,... we have a surprise for you. his voice deepened with excitement, as his 7" cock grew in his shorts. She felt him muster up a nice /erection/">erection and slowly, but methodically ground herself up against it, closing her eyes to indulge in the rhythm. 

Just then, Louis stopped her and took her hand, leading her to the bedroom. Beau just followed in silence, peeling his shirt off as he tread behind them. As the group converged in the room, Louis began undressing Cyndi, gently kissing her neck and biting her nipples as he revealed them. These small actions caused Cyndi to moan softly and tilt her head a little in ecstacy.

Beau walked up behind Cyndi and immediately, she could tell he was aroused. He had to have been at least 8" and hard as a rock. Cyndi reached down and dropped Louiss shorts as he reached his arms up to take off his shirt. All this time,Beau had begun nibbling on Cyndis ear, making his way to her neck. 

As soon as Louiss cock sprang free from its confinement, she eased her hands around her back to Beaus shorts. She hooked the elastic with her thumbs and peeled them off, taking with them his boxers. 

Both men stared at her, eager for a taste of her body. She stepped out of the man sandwich and slowly made her way over to the bed, gracefully falling back onto it. Louis followed her over and began nibbling on her nipple, doing some tongue circles with it and instantly letting the little bulge harden in his mouth. He then turned his attention to her other nipple, giving it the same attention. 

Cyndi, honey, we have a surprise for you. Were going to make your fantasy come true. just as Louis finished saying that, she could feel hot breath around her clit and a tongue instantly start circling it with a fury unmatched by anyone she had ever been tasted by. 

Slowly, teasingly, but surely, Beau brought Cyndi to a stunning climax, her pussy convulsing hard around his tongue several times. Louis then gave Beau the signal to begin their task. Beau grabbed Cyndi by the shoulder and rolled her onto her side so that she was facing Louis. Beau moved closer and rubbed the tip of his /hard/hard-cock/">hard cock at the entrance to her dripping pussy. As soon as he had the tip of his cock wet, he entered her ass. She squealed at the feeling of his cock in her ass. 

Beau slid an arm under her side and rolled her on top of him. Now Beau was on his back and Cyndi was lying on her back on top of him. Cyndi took the cue to slowly start grinding on his penis, making it rock gently in and out. 

Louis grinned at the sight of Cyndi full of Beaus cock and loving every minute of it. Louis then fingered Cyndis beautiful, dripping /pussy/hot-pussy/">hot pussy a few minutes, porn videos download following by stroking his cock with the /sweet/">sweet scented juices. Once he was fully covered in her juices, he slid his cock into her pussy, pressing gently on her clit as he entered. 

She screamed out, partly with pain at having two, /thick/thick-cocks/">thick cocks in her, but also in pleasure at the mere thought, let alone the feeling. She told them to hold still for a minute and let her adjust. Her pussy wrenched on Louiss cock for a minute, unaware of this new sensation.

Slowly, louis began pushing in and out of Cyndi, letting Beau just rest inside of her. He could feel Beaus thick prick though her thin vaginal wall. The feel of his cock rubbing up against Beaus sent a jolt of pleasure through Cyndi. 

Without any signal or approval, Beau began rocking his hips, thrusting his own prick in and out of Cyndis /tight/tight-ass/">tight ass as Louis ravaged her pussy. The pair moved in a sort of unison; as Louis went half out, Beau would shove in. As Beau went half out, louis would ram himself into her.

Cyndis face showed unmatched expressions of ecstacy and unparamounted pleasure to all parties. Soon, she began begging for more and both men picked up the pace.

As both cocks were ravagely thrusting in and out of her, rubbing her clit and that infamous g-spot instantaneously, Cyndi climaxed continuously. Her pussy convulsed on the cocks, leaving her exhausted and moaning as they continued to move within her. Louis was near his own orgasm and so his thrusts became madly fast, as if this orgasm were going to be his last.

Beau could also feel his balls tighten with the need for release. Both men furiously pounded poor Cyndi into oblivion that by the time of their orgasms, she was in such pleasure that she exploded with cum. Both men grunted and unloaded a whole sac full of cum deep inside of her. 

What was miraculous was that neither of them got soft, their cocks remained as hard as they were when they had started.

Cyndi, spent and utterly pleased, looked over at the clock. It was 3:30 in the morning and none of them had to go to work the next morning. She looked Louis in the eye and smiled, with both cocks still inside of her. Honey, you made my dreams come true, I will never forget tonight. she kissed him passionately. She leaned her body back onto Beaus chest and tilted her head to look at him, As for you Beau, I give you a million thanks for helping me tonight. she took a deep breath and sighed contentedly. Beau, stay the night. she gave him a wink and then rolled louis with her onto their sides, Beau following. 

The three stayed like that, all connected through Cyndi as they fell asleep, one by one. The two men were completely exhausted but well spent. Cyndi had a grin of such happiness, that they knew she would be wanting to get together again. With that, all three of them slept through the morning, only to find the two men still hard and ready for another rendition of Cyndi taking it Double Time.