Cathy Sucks

Published February 23, 2024 tag category
Cathy Sucks

"Ding Dong" rang the door bell. I scurried to answer the door and was greeted by Cathy, my /mom/">moms friend. I was surprised because my mom was on a /trip/">trip to england. Cathy is 29, single, very short with /breasts/large-breasts/">large breasts and an equally wholesome ass and ever so slightly overweight, so i was a little attracted to her. She said that she needed to stay over for a night because the heating in her house was malfunctioning. I reluctantly agreed xxx sex video download free com and let her in. 

She said she only needed the couch to crash on for 1 or 2 days and I reassured her that it was okay. As she was setting her stuff up in the living room, Jingles our family cat jumped out at Cathy, causing her to trip and fall. I heard the commotion and quickly apologized to Cathy. After a lot of moaning Cathy tried to walk but she just couldnt "it hurt her ankle too much". I picked Cathy up and placed her on the sofa. 

I quickly got a hard on after seeing her exposed cleavage and erect nipples when she was on the floor. I apologized again and got some ice for her bruised, swollen ankle. She asked me if i would hold the ice to her ankle and I agreed getting hornier by the second because i would be in between her legs. We sat for a while and watched the hockey game and i sneaked peaks of her tits in her white turtle neck. 

When she fell asleep i could not help but to squeeze her tits. I got carried away just like a 19 year old should and took my pants off and started to masturbate. Suddenly Cathy woke up and i just froze. That momemt felt like 1000 years. Then, slowly cathy reached for my cock and just tenderly played with it. She got really excited. She got on her knees on the floor and started to jerk me off. I was amazed that this was actually happening. 

I told that she sexxxx video ful hd had to suck my cock if she wanted to stay the night. She quickly placed my cock in her mouth and just enjoyed it. She truly enjoyed sucking my dick. I felt like i was in heaven. I had cathy sucking my dick and i was sitting there trying to watch the hockey game at the same time. She sucked and i orgasmed. She sucked more and i orgasmed more. Soon i ran out of sperm and just had dry orgasms. 

I decided she had been a /good/good-girl/">good girl and turned her around and on her back and fucked the shit out of her. We must have fucked and sucked for 10 - 15 hours until we collapsed out of exhaustion. The next morning i awoke to cathy riding my cock. I told her to get off and suck it. we continued this for the rest of the day, playing with each other. 

I still see Cathy often. Whenever we meet we get into a quiet place and she sucks my cock with true devotion and skill.